Everyone's Happy for HAPPY HOUR!

Apr 21, 2021 - 02:45 PM

Catch the grand finale: HAPPY HOUR #6 by Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat, on sale 4/28/21!

Painfully funny and made the more so by Michael Montenat’s art… As subtle as a brick to the face, Happy Hour #5 doesn’t do subtlety. It’s a lean, mean, threshing machine of a story… it repeatedly and gleefully jumps across the line, taking great fun in harpooning the wellness industry.”—MAJOR SPOILERS

“Every time I think the writers might have gone too far, it turns out that I’m willing to read the insanity if it makes me giggle. … And it does a fabulous job. Every issue I’ve read so far has made me shake my head, mutter at the stupidity of humanity, and snort giggle. If that’s what Milligan and AHOY were after, they’ve succeeded.”—FANGIRL NATION

Leave it to Peter Milligan to come up with something as wildly entertaining and terrifyingly topical as Happy Hour. Alongside artist Michael Montenat, Milligan launches this series with a high-concept dystopian hook that's definitely attention-grabbing, but it's what the team does next that makes it really worth paying attention to. … This kind of concept represents an artistic tightrope, one that not all artists would be able to navigate, but Montenat clears the bar with room to spare. ... This feels like a world-class comics satire in the making.”—SYFY WIRE

“Ahoy has previously pledged to serve comic enthusiasts who “expect more," and...HAPPY HOUR is proof they haven't lost their nerve.”—SCREENRANT

“The first issue of Happy Hour from Ahoy Comics is an opening gambit that will have your jaw dropping at the sheer absurdity. Or, if you’ve been following US politics, you might not find this comic world to be too absurd at all… The art by Micheal Montenat brings it all to life. … Happy Hour comes out swinging. If you can get past the abject horror it can leave you with, it’s definitely worth the read.”—FANGIRL NATION

“The whole concept of Happy Hour is revealing and no shortage of fun...The creative team of Milligan and Montenat have given us another well done chapter in what is an original and fun narrative. … To say I look forward to the next chapter would be an understatement.”—GEEK VIBES NATION

I’ve never been so excited to see people feeling so miserable.”—AIPT

“A biting satire of life and culture and what that titular feeling (and its absence) really means.”—COMICSXF (formerly WMQ/XAVIER FILES)

“I continue to enjoy the Happy Hour series…. I’m enjoying Milligan’s take on exploring human emotion and how people need to experience every emotion to live healthy lives.”—THE GEEKIARY

Fantastically unnerving… Writer Peter Milligan, aided by Steen’s letters, delivers an easy and disquieting read.”—BIG COMIC PAGE

Milligan and Montenat nail the combination of absurdity and realism. Happy Hour uses unabashed dialogue, piercing imagery and ironic wit to insightfully explore the relationships between good vs. evil, love vs. hate and happiness vs. unhappiness. … This comic will force you into personal self-reflection while cracking nuanced jokes that land every time.”—COMIC BOOK YETI

Simply a fantastic book!… If you like great stories about well-developed characters that provide insight into the human condition…well, go buy it! Happy Hour #4 satisfies on every level of comic reading!”—DC COMICS NEWS