Highball #1


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY meets THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE—for a game of darts, over shots! Meet space pilot HIGHBALL, the best shot in the galaxy—except for one problem: he can only hit the target when he’s dead drunk. In this outrageous first issue, he faces off against a fierce but alluring bird-warrior, a disturbingly racist A.I., a crypto-obsessed fellow pilot, the maddening bureaucracy of Space Corp—and, of course, his own shameful inadequacies. Highball: SAVING THE GALAXY, ONE PINT AT A TIME!

Featuring cover A by cocreator Fred Harper (THE WRONG EARTH: PURPLE, with Stuart Moore), and incentive cover B by David Rubin (Cosmic Detective). Any retailer who orders at least 3 copies of cover A (Harper) will be eligible to order unlimited copies of cover B (Rubin).

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