Mar 05, 2020 - 12:15 PM


Here’s what people are saying about BILLIONAIRE ISLAND by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh:

“Mark Russell and Steve Pugh reteam for another devastating satire…..Sick of seeing billionaires try to buy their way into elected office? Getting worried about global pandemics and accelerating climate change while you read articles about how the super-rich are planning their own private apocalyptic failsafes? Then Billionaire Island is a comic for you.”—ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Feature[s] Russell's signature knack for blending heartbreaking drama with disarming wit.”—CBR

“BILLIONAIRE ISLAND satirizes capitalism's endgame.”—HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Incredibly exciting … Pugh and Russell are two of the most talented humorists working in modern comics.”—DEN OF GEEK

It’s going to get readers talking every bit as much as Second Coming.”—BROKEN FRONTIER

“Russell is once again holding back no punches with his continued emphasis on subverting the norms of the comic book medium.”—AIPT Comics

“Hilarious, sharp and timely.—PANEL PATTER

“Wholly original and timely as all get out... funny and well-done. Simply put, you should be sure to pick this book up.”—COMICS BOOKCASE

"Funny and outrageous.”—SMASH PAGES



“Amazing.” — FORCES OF GEEK

"True to Mark Russell's form, very satirical, very pointed, very funny throughout. As usual he delivered a really well-thought out, well-written book. ... Like Punisher with a sociopolitical edge."—COMIC BOOK LIVE

“This is a series that should not be missed.”—GEEKY BRUMMIE

“Billionaire Island #1 is by far the most intelligent, jaw-dropping, razor sharp, impeccably-timed comic you'll read this week or possibly ever. … Mark Russell crafts the story into one that is chilling and horrifying and too fascinating to turn away from. ... Steve Pugh's art takes it all up a notch by creating a bright, glossy world that somehow looks posh and like a cover to something truly rotten at the same time. It's an incredible read and an absolutely outstanding kickoff to what is hopefully a long, twisty run.”—COMICBOOK.COM 5/5 review

“I would love to talk to you about BILLIONAIRE ISLAND, but I’ve signed an NDA.”—Tom Peyer, AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief

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