Con & On #5


LAST ISSUE! The “profoundly well-observed waltz through the heart, soul and timeline of a comic convention” (Si Spurrier) concludes in the pandemic year 2022. Deja Drummond accepts a prestigious cartooning award and reflects on the often-painful path that brought her success, while her ex-friend Eddie finds a new level of self-awareness in the ashes of a spent comics career.

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Con & On


  • Mar 28, 2023 - 12:00 PM
    Writer Paul Cornell, Artist Marika Cresta, and AHOY Comics Present a Decades-Long Satire of the Comic Book Industry and Its Biggest Conventions Issue 1 Drops in July, Ahead of Comic-Con International This July, writer Paul Cornell (Doctor Who), artist Marika Cresta (Doctor Aphra), and AHOY Comics... more